Ten Ways To Embrace A Super New Moon

Published January 20, 2023 by Sheila Anne Murray

On the scale of spiritual and scientific, I would fall right in the middle. I could (and do) nerd out on all things neuroscience, psychology, somatics, and mindfulness. And you’ll find me looking for hard evidence and checking multiple sources to back up feelings. That said, I love conversations around spirituality, I frequently pull cards, and I am always game for a goosebump-making story around something magical and synchronistic.

One way I blend my interest for science and spirituality is by paying attention to moon cycles. During the height of the pandemic, moon cycles were my way of making things feel less monotonous. I started reading about the significance of a waxing moon versus a waning moon, new moon versus full moon, and even how our female hormone cycles align with each cycle. For me, syncing up with the moon was and is a beautiful way to be present where I am and intentional about where I am going.

Though I often share these themes with my yoga students and informally over on Instagram, I hardly bring this to the blog. So here we are. Let’s have some fun with 10 ideas on how to embrace the Super New Moon!

What is a super new moon?

Great question and an important one to get out of the way before we continue onwards! A supermoon, both new and full, is a moment where the moon is at its closest point in orbit to the earth.

You may have memories of seeing a supermoon in photos or even seeing one for yourself, but I’d bet you don’t remember the last super new moon. I wouldn’t blame you because there isn’t anything to see! Still, this specific supermoon is kind of a huge deal because it’s the closest the moon will be to earth since the middle ages! 1 I think this calls for a little celebration, don’t you?

Here are 10 ways to embrace the new moon. Feel free to return to this blog on each new moon, and start checking things off the list.

1. Start a new habit / ritual

The new moon signifies new beginnings (imagine!), so this is an ideal time to hop on that new habit or ritual you have been craving. Did you miss out on starting something new on January 1? No sweat, I’d argue it’s even more powerful and sustainable to start something new on a new moon, and then check in on the full moon and the next new moon. This gives you ample opportunity to test and tune your new habit and recommit where necessary. Make sure to focus on one habit at a time, as trying to change multiple things at once is not helpful for your nervous system or for your success.

Easy habits to start with: Consistently go to bed and wake up at the same time daily; move your body for 30 minutes per day; each day call or message a friend to express gratitude or ask how they are doing; meditate for 10 minutes a day; each Sunday come up with 3-4 of the meals you’ll make for the week. 2

2. Close a chapter of your life

Did you recently go through a break-up? Leave your job? Leave your city? Are you moving into a new phase of your life? Now is a beautiful time to grieve the old you and let her go, so you can move into the phase (just like the moon). For example, I recently started working with a client who is a service provider with a thriving business. She knows that she wants to move into being able to work with clients virtually but she’s only known the in-person realm. She told me her goal is to let the old version of herself, the in-person- only business owner, die so that she can whole-heartedly move into this next phase of life and career.

My suggestion, journal it out and say goodbye to the chapter you are leaving, or make it extra ceremonious and burn candles, light sage, and take a bath to spiritually cleanse it away.

3. Set a new intention

As they say, “energy goes where attention goes,” and I truly believe that setting a positive, expansive intention can make a massive difference in your day. Our reticular activating system (RAS) is always filtering out information we don’t need, and feeding us the information it thinks we do. This is what helps us find our loved one in a crowd or the chapstick in our pocket. We can leverage this mighty network when we set intentions! 3 Set your intention using a single word or a sentence. I love playing around with definite statements such as “I will …” or “I intend to …” because I think it sends a stronger message, and I can always shorten it to one word later as a reminder.

4. Get clarity on what you need

This is a great time to take inventory of what’s going well and what could be better. Don’t be afraid to take a good look at all the aspects of your life and evaluate how things are going. How is your money mindset? Are you implementing good health and wellness strategies? Have you been learning and growing? What is your connection like in your social, familial, and romantic relationships?

Take time to get clear on one or two things that you need. If fulfilling your needs includes another person, take time to have a conversation, set a boundary, or ask them for support. If you want to go deeper with this one, I recommend watching my free masterclass: Your 5 Step Strategy for Finding Your Life Path.

5. Take time for silence

When was the last time you sat in silence and simply noticed the emotions, thoughts, and sensations alive within your body? It’s easy to tune out what’s happening in our inner world and when we do so we leave vital information on the table. Getting quiet and listening in can tell us so much about how we are feeling and what we need. Silence is magic for fostering deep self-connection and finding answers within ourselves.

Just like the moon, take time to disappear for a few minutes (or hours) and be quiet. Confession: I used to find silence and meditation quite annoying and would avoid it at all costs. Then I read Stay Woke: a meditation guide for the rest of us and there were two particular quotes in a section about meditation myths that stuck out to me:

The idea that you have to get your mind to stop thinking in order to meditate is a lie!


Meditation is not about relaxing; meditation is about becoming more alive.

I began to see silence and meditation as a challenge that I had to be willing to work toward, rather than a boring activity that I didn’t have time for. The reality is, the more we can simply be with ourselves, the more we get to know and love ourselves. Only then can big change begin to unfold.

6. Practice listening to your inner voice

For one day, avoid giving away choice and crowd sourcing decisions. Instead of “what do you think,” “whatever you want,” or “I don’t know,” take time to listen to what you really desire. Notice if you have any fear or resistance when it comes to speaking your needs or your cravings. Whether you wake up wanting to eat lunch for breakfast or at the last minute you decide you actually don’t want to go to the weekend event you had committed to… what would it be like to honor your inner voice instead of doing the “right” or “proper” thing? The best way to start listening to your inner voice — start with #5 and spend time in silence.

7. Let your creative side shine

What type of creativity is calling you? When I say “creative”, I don’t mean you need to become an artist (power to you if you do!) but instead your chance to embrace your wild woman and start expressing. Bring your beautiful internal world to the external plane and express yourself in the way only you can. Some ideas include making a playlist, creating your own yoga flow, dancing to your favorite music, feng shuiing your space, coloring, journaling, making a pinterest board, and wearing an outfit that feels creative and playful.

8. Declutter your favorite space

On the topic of creativity, decluttering your space is a great way to foster more creativity and productivity. It also clears out allergens, decreases stress, and makes you feel more at peace in your space. In alignment with the new moon, consider what you can let go of that has been taking up space without adding value. Imagine how it would feel to walk into your favorite space in the house and feel a sense of ease, comfort, and joy instead of overwhelm and anxiety.

My suggestion: Pick a favorite room in your home and write down how you want to feel in that space. Next write down how the space currently makes you feel. Is there any discrepancy? What are a few small tweaks to declutter and enhance your space? Finally, try and make the clearing process fun and joyful by giving yourself a pep talk and turning on some fun tunes!

9. Do your favorite self-care act

The new moon brings darkness and an opportunity to turn inward and nurture yourself. Imagine the kind of person you will be for your partner, family, business, or pets when you take care of yourself instead of putting yourself last on the to-do list. Yes, it may feel indulgent at first, but I promise that goodness awaits you on the other side. Going back to your needs (#4), which needs can you meet through a self care practice? Self care does not need to be complicated or expensive. 4 Some of my favorite self care practices are moving on my yoga mat for 15 minutes and taking extra time to journal and watch the sunrise.

10. Spend time in nature

Set time aside to go for a walk through the woods or a park, to get out for a hike, to go for a swim, or to simply sit outside your home. Listen to the sounds around you, pay attention to smells, and notice how your body feels after 5-10 minutes outside. Especially after a week where you were likely staring at a computer or phone screen, time in the natural world is essential.

  1. Care to read more about supermoons? Check out this article in the Farmer’s Almanac
  2. Want more ideas? Here’s a blog on 5 simple habit ideas I wrote back in 2020.
  3. Nerd out more on the RAS and subconscious mind here
  4. Check out this blog and this blog for more self care ideas!
Sheila Anne