5 Super Simple Habits To Integrate In May

Published May 01, 2020 by Sheila Anne Murray

Ahh it’s the first of the month - the best time, in my opinion, to create intentions and integrate new habits. More time at home means that habits are evenmoreimportant and should be easier to assimilate into your life!

In this post I’m sharing 5 super simple habits that really matter. Integrate these 5 things and your life may change. No really, I believe it to be that powerful! I recommend writing down a few of these rituals in a place you’ll look often, so they are easy to revisit and you can hold yourself accountable.

Get enough sleep

If you’re finding yourself with more time on your hands and less reasons to be out and about, it could be thebesttime in your life to prioritize good quality sleep. How to get that good quality sleep could be a blog post on its own but there are some really simple things you are likely familiar with - step away from the screen at least an hour before bed, skip the afternoon caffeine, clear your mind (meditation, journaling, deep breathing) to prevent anxiety keeping you awake.

Photo of lavender essential oils, white sheets, journal

A few things I’ve appreciated around bedtime recently - journaling & lavender oil

Plan to do the most important thing when your energy is highest

Every day, identify the most important thing that needs to get done, then schedule it during the typical energy peak of your day. Some will argue to do the most important thingfirstand while I’m sure that has it’s benefits too, we’re going a bit deeper here.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a self-aware person, and you likely know what times of the day you feel at your best and when you routinely find yourself distracted or tired. If you know your daily energy cycle, leverage that!

To get ahead of the curve, schedule the most important thing the day before so that each day, you can just flow right through. If your energy levels change or something is not working for you, make a change. Now we’re working smarter & more intentionally!

Sheila journaling

Since I’m a morning person, I sometimes get my most important thing completed before 8am.

Choose positive language

What is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t achieve x or what is the recurring belief you need to be more y? Is it true? Is it serving you?

Keep in mind - Our thoughts create our energy and our energy creates our reality.

I know that sayingjust stopis not going to do the trick - I’ve been there. What actually promotes lasting change is swapping your negative language for something better. When you feel the belief bubbling up, you reach for a more helpful thought.

If you really want to achieve in this category, begin each day with a positive affirmation about yourself to set the tone.

To get you started, here are some positive affirmations you can swap in:

  • I am relaxed, non resistant, & clear
  • My day unfolds with ease & grace
  • I am limitless
  • I already possess the tools I desire
  • I accept that good things can come easily
  • I am a positive influence on the world
  • I am more than enough
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions

girl outside confident

Have a “designated down day”

It’s 2020 people. We know that self care is important and that we’llalwaysfind things to do to keep ourselves in a consistent state of busy. This month, designate a down day where you can do all the things that will make you feel good. This might mean doing laundry or scrubbing down the sink, or it could mean sitting outside in the sun without plans for anything else. Bonus points if you shut off your phone or at least use do not disturb.

Being more intentional about your self care and downtime is not only good for you, it’s contagious. I love hearing when people are taking a day for themselves because it motivates me to do the same. And if we can all take a little extra “me” time to reflect and rejuvenate, we may just create a better world. Sometimes the simplest things have the most profound ripple effect.

girl watering plants

Integrate a mindful morning ritual

By starting the morning off right, you positively impact the outlook for the rest of the day. The beginning of the month is a great time to evaluate what is and is not working in your morning routine. Integrating a mindful ritual (you are fully present, at ease, and intentional) will promote a mindful day and set you up for success.

A morning ritual can be as simple as doing things in a particular order, such as brushing your teeth, then washing your face, then drinking some water. Alternatively, some people like to meditate or move first thing in the morning. Whatever feels right for you, put some mindfulness into it - it matters!

Check out Morning Ritual In A Cup for an example of how I start my day.

Pouring the coffee

Got mornings on lock? Test your ritual-making abilities during the time you tend to lose energy or motivation, perhaps during the afternoon slump or maybe it’s before bedtime (see habit #1 for some ideas on this).


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