Sheila running through a field

My Story

When I was young I wandered barefoot. I loved the feel of the changing earth under my feet — grass, to sand, to pavement, to rock, the occasional barefoot steps on frozen ground. I whiled away hours in the woods, lost in daydreams.

As I grew up my mind became a busier & more productive place.

Like many, I experienced social anxiety as I grew into my own, and I set expectations for myself that were lofty and only briefly celebrated when met. Though I was nurtured in a happy, New Hampshire family that was loving and supportive I, like my mom, was an eternal optimist and secret worry-wart. My stress levels would rise and fall as quickly as the wind. Sound familiar?

Those that know me would probably remark about my “zest for life.” I have always seen life as an adventure, and am energized by new people and situations. In the past, I struggled to balance this excitement for experiencing the world and my deeply-seeded perfectionist mentality. My thought process was likely something like: “Why waste time not being the absolute best you can be?” I worked tirelessly through various careers, I earned success, but… I still felt unfulfilled. I had a thriving friend group, a never-ending list of activities, a powerhouse work ethic, and a tight-knit family. I didn’t see anything wrong — do you?

In 2017, at the height of my summer travels, reality rapidly changed — my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Inertia and habit wanted me to continue on, head up, smiling. My heart wanted me to pay attention; to open up; to accept help. I realized that, though I was a free-spirited extrovert, I had bolted-up my heart space, and allowed my achiever mentality to guide every step.

I began to slow down, to undo some of those bolts, and found ways to cultivate inner peace alongside my achiever-self. At this time I also welcomed a relationship into my life, making an intentional choice to put my arm down, to open the door to deeper connection. In turn, I had opened the door to a deeper connection with myself.

My mom passed in the late summer of 2018 and the rest of the year was filled with changes - I worked in the fitness industry for a few months, earned my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and then left the working world to backpack Europe with my partner. We started an adventure blog where we reflected on our experiences traveling and learning about ourselves and one another. Traveling helped me to “come home” to myself once again, as I found my footing and explored the world with the curiosity of a child.

Now I coach others to do the same. I help women to connect to themselves, cultivate inner peace, and follow their deep purpose so that they don’t worry about a life unlived. I have been privileged to watch my clients explore their unique strengths, to experience transformation, and to “come home” to themselves, just as I did.

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