The Anti-Hustle

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A conscious rebellion against burnout. For women who love self-improvement and getting sh*t done but are so over hustle culture. Kickstart 2023 with badass females who are creating an intentional, fulfilling, delicious year without getting burned like toast 🔥. Escape the nonsense of capitalist New Years Resolutions asking you to go-go-go, and instead build toward a kick-ass year that will feel good in body, mind, and soul. This isn’t a cutesie event, this is a conscious rebellion.

Dates: Events + community occurring intermittently over three weeks, January 9 - 31

The Experience: Generative coaching calls, pop up workshops lead by expert female entrepreneurs, on-demand support off social media.

Holy-Sh*t-That’s-A-No-Brainer-Investment: $111 ($5/day)

All events will be virtual and recorded, so even the busiest of schedules can be accommodated.

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Costa Rica Pura Vida Retreat

February 6-11, 2023

Imagine an immersive experience in nature, vinyasas to the sounds of monkeys, new friendships and perspectives, and a week being healed and rejuvenated by sun, sand, and movement.

We can’t wait to host 15 amazing women in Costa Rica next year!

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Catch the Replay! Spring Cleaning For Your Lifestyle

Spring clean your lifestyle to create simplicity, boundaries, and space for aligned action.

What’s covered in this 60 minute Masterclass:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Prioritizing responsibilities
  • The power of “no”
  • Curating your sacred space

Walk away feeling refreshed and empowered to decisively make change in your life. You’ll also receive templates you can integrate and personalize.

Grab your replay here!


Catch Sheila’s weekly classes on Thursdays at Rise Yoga + Wellness in Golden.