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Join Sheila here and share your story! Explore how coaching can help you achieve the life you envision.


Let's get to know you! Together, we'll discover your strengths, biggest desires for growth, and create a blueprint for the future.


Through ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions with Sheila, you will nurture your power, release limiting beliefs, and start to grow into your own.


Your world is changing, youโ€™re standing tall in your power, and you're becoming the most bold & authentic version of you!

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Taylor P.

"Working with Sheila has been nothing short of amazing! The breakthroughs I have had in the past few months have been life changing. She has an amazing talent for looking at the big picture and is one of the few people Iโ€™ve ever met who is able to follow my scattermindedness, reflect on the important information and guide me back with powerful questioning. That, teamed with her ability to take you out of your mind and into your body to feel through the question is always an extraordinarily powerful experience. Not only has every session been absolutely amazing but Sheila helped me unearth the confidence I needed to take the biggest leap of my life. She allowed me to root back into my authentic self and lead with my heart. Without the work I have done with her the past few months I would still be stuck in a loop of fear, self doubt and would not be chasing my dreams. I am beyond grateful for the work I have done and the growth Iโ€™ve experienced in the short time I have worked with her."

Sophie G.

"I connected with Sheila at the beginning of my career pivot. I had been consulting for the past two years and was ready to make a change, but I wasn't sure how to move forward. Sheila guided me through a four-week meditation on what my next move might look like, including identifying core values and exploring how I could move forward deliberately and with confidence. I left our work together with a clearer picture of the kind of organization I'd like to contribute to, work-wise, and a more grounded sense of self and purpose."

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