You've outgrown your career, relationship, or lifestyle.

You're ready for something new.

Take the leap!

Are you:

  • a chronic goal-setter and to-do list maker
  • always the one who goes the extra mile in your work
  • feeling underwhelmed, undervalued, or bleh about your career
  • craving relationships that light you up and help you grow
  • constantly looking to maximize each minute of the day
  • noticing that your brain is always going a million miles an hour
  • consistently questioning yourself and your success
  • wishing for less stress and more flow in your life
I created something just for you:

What people are saying:

“I was seeking someone who would truly listen to me, challenge me, and guide me on a path in alignment with my higher purpose and strengths. Sheila was this, and so much more.”

“We formed small, actionable goals week by week, pivoting with my priorities, and I achieved all of them. Sheila is the kind of coach that feels like a deep exhale and a sigh of relief.”

“Over the span of 3 months I went from having panic attacks at work to having the strength to walk away and sign up for classes towards a masters degree.”

Hi, I’m Sheila! I’m a Whole Person Certified Coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach, Trauma-Informed Coach, and yoga instructor. I specialize in helping high-achieving women to thrive in their relationships, careers, and lifestyles. Why? Because I used to rely on checking boxes (helloooo fellow achievers 👋), fulfilling the requests of others, and racing forward in life to feel complete. I was so busy trying to do things "right", I didn't realize I had outgrown the path I was on and wasn’t aligned with who I wanted to be. Sound familiar? I discovered how to connect back to my core self, redesign my path forward, and leap into a life I was made for. This led me to quit my comfortable job, find love, travel the world, and build a life where I make my own schedule. I mustered the courage to lead my life my way and start playing big, and now I'm fluffing passionate about helping others to do the same! Don’t be shy -

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Kristen W.

"Working with Sheila is a gift that brings clarity, peace, and confidence. I was teetering on a big career decision and decided to work with Sheila to chart the path forward. She helped me to understand what was truly important to me, and to design my ideal life as an entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, and lifelong learner! One of the amazing results of working with Sheila is a business I've been waiting my entire career to launch - So grateful for her services. She changed my life"

Taylor P.

"Working with Sheila has been nothing short of amazing! When we first started working together I was in a relationship that was far from healthy. My sanity and physical well-being were at risk. With her help, I was able to too root back into my authentic self, gain confidence and lead with my heart to leave that situation. That leap led me to move into a trailer, build my business, put my health above all else, and live a life that allows me to truly express myself. I do not remember the last time I was able to live in such a state of ease like I am right now. Without the work I have done with her the past few months I would still be stuck in a loop of fear, self doubt and crippling anxiety. "

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