You've outgrown your career, relationship, or lifestyle.

You're ready for something new.

Take the leap!

Are you:

  • a chronic goal-setter and to-do list maker
  • always the one who goes the extra mile in your work
  • feeling underwhelmed, undervalued, or bleh about your career
  • craving relationships that light you up and help you grow
  • constantly looking to maximize each minute of the day
  • noticing that your brain is always going a million miles an hour
  • consistently questioning yourself and your success
  • wishing for less stress and more flow in your life

What people are saying:

Taylor P.

"Working with Sheila has been nothing short of amazing! When we first started working together I was in a relationship that was far from healthy. My sanity and physical well-being were at risk. With her help, I was able to too root back into my authentic self, gain confidence and lead with my heart to leave that situation. That leap led me to move into a trailer, build my business, put my health above all else, and live a life that allows me to truly express myself. I do not remember the last time I was able to live in such a state of ease like I am right now. Without the work I have done with her the past few months I would still be stuck in a loop of fear, self doubt and crippling anxiety. "

Hi, I’m Sheila! I’m a Whole Person Certified Coach and ICF Associate Certified Coach specializing in helping high-achieving women to thrive in their relationships, careers, and lifestyles. Why? Because I used to rely on checking boxes (helloooo fellow achievers 👋), fulfilling the requests of others, and racing forward in life to feel complete. I was so busy trying to do things "right", I didn't realize I had outgrown the path I was on and wasn’t aligned with who I wanted to be. Sound familiar? I discovered how to connect back to my core self, redesign my path forward, and leap into a life I was made for. This led me to quit my comfortable job, find love, travel the world, and build a life where I make my own schedule. I mustered the courage to lead my life my way and start playing big, and now I'm fluffing passionate about helping others to do the same! Don’t be shy -

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Sophie G.

"I connected with Sheila at the beginning of my career pivot. I had been consulting for the past two years and was ready to make a change, but I wasn't sure how to move forward. Sheila guided me through a four-week meditation on what my next move might look like, including identifying core values and exploring how I could move forward deliberately and with confidence. I left our work together with a clearer picture of the kind of organization I'd like to contribute to, work-wise, and a more grounded sense of self and purpose."

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