Root To Rise

Root To Rise with Sheila Anne

Get Grounded, Find Balance, Live Aligned

Are you seeking a career change? Ready to feel less stuck in your job or routine? Looking to come home to yourself and your unique purpose? Welcome, you’re in just the right place.

Is This You?

Are you a driven, free-spirit that has an endless list of things to do, places to see, and goals to achieve? Do you question your purpose and connection to your work? Do you crave a life and career that you love? Cultivating a life that is fulfilling and balanced does not come naturally in a world with so many things to do and ways to fill time!

Let me take a guess — You’ve probably tried various routines, self-help books, and have attended conferences and networking events. Perhaps you’ve gotten involved in a fitness community or started a book club. Maybe you’ve considered changing career paths or taking a leap of faith but something has held you back. Despite these attempts, something feels incomplete. You think to yourself there must be something more ...

Why? Because for you it’s easy to make lists, check off action items, and let your busy brain lead the way. That’s your jam! When it comes to slowing down and doing the inner work, you’d rather be productive and perfect each piece of yourself. Through your journey thus far, there’s been a little something missing — that something that will help you pause, deeply connect, and set intentional goals toward your dream future. That’s where I come in.

I created the Root to Rise program because I know that free spirits like you are ready for sustainable change, which can only come with dedicated time and effort.

Root to Rise will enable you to:

  • Explore all that makes you, you — Through journaling, visualizations, and assessments you’ll gain deep self awareness and purpose.
  • Discover your core values and make all future decisions from a place of intention — Let’s take the guessing out of decision making & create easy-flowing success.
  • Simplify your life & infuse joy — We’ll talk about mindful rituals, minimalism, prioritization, and celebrating things that matter. Simplicity is a core principle of my coaching because I believe your life can be simple and full!
  • Cultivate a mind-body connection that will help you prioritize your well being and make lasting change. Set aside your expectations for needing how-to guides and expensive wellness trends, we’re taking things a little deeper here! Here you’ll face your inner monologue and self-sabotaging stories. We’ll talk about how to develop a fresh mindset that is more aligned with the confidence and fulfillment you hope to create.
  • Create an inspiring future — Once you’ve built the foundation, developed clarity around your future, and connected to your whole self — your potential is limitless. You establish goals and action steps to get you there and have me as your accountability partner & cheerleader as you root and rise.

Taylor P.

"Working with Sheila has been nothing short of amazing! The breakthroughs I have had in the past few months have been life changing. She has an amazing talent for looking at the big picture and is one of the few people I’ve ever met who is able to follow my scattermindedness, reflect on the important information and guide me back with powerful questioning. That, teamed with her ability to take you out of your mind and into your body to feel through the question is always an extraordinarily powerful experience. Not only has every session been absolutely amazing but Sheila helped me unearth the confidence I needed to take the biggest leap of my life. She allowed me to root back into my authentic self and lead with my heart. Without the work I have done with her the past few months I would still be stuck in a loop of fear, self doubt and would not be chasing my dreams. I am beyond grateful for the work I have done and the growth I’ve experienced in the short time I have worked with her."

Here's What You Can Expect:

Once you’re officially enrolled in the program🍾, I’ll send you a discovery form, so you can start deepening your self awareness, and I can start learning alllll the good things that make you, you! Moreover, this form will help us create a baseline, where we will begin to root down and rise up throughout the three months. We will meet three times per month, for a total of nine sessions. In each session we will work together to break down challenges, explore opportunities, and come up with an action plan to get you your desired results. Think of each session as your safe space to breathe, tap in, and bloom.

What This Program Includes

  • 90 Minute Ground & Grow Session (deep dive)
  • 8 Coaching sessions (60 min)
  • Follow up homework, exercises & action items


  • Email support throughout 3 months
  • One virtual 1:1 yoga session personalized for you

Why Work With Me?

Not only am I a Certified Professional Coach, I am also a recovering overachiever and life-long free-spirit. I struggled for years feeling overwhelmed by everything I wanted to accomplish, learn, and experience. I wanted to do it all, while appearing totally in control and grounded. This led me toward perfectionist tendencies, an obsession with wellness, and emotional numbing. It wasn’t until my mom passed that I really set myself free. Inspired by her radiant energy, I started digging deeper into discovering who “Sheila” really was, what she truly wanted, and what I needed to do to make it happen. The secret - very little of it was external. It wasn’t a promotion, validation, or a new fitness routine. I left my life in Boston, traveled for 5 months with my partner, and came home to myself in a way I never imagined possible. Now I’ve created a path to help other free-spirited achievers to explore, discover, and transform into the most alive version of themselves 💙. I blend my yoga background and killer focus to bring you into a space that you can feel grounded, safe, and totally resourced to carve your next path.

Here’s how much I believe in us …

I offer a money-back guarantee! If after our initial 90 minute session you are totally not vibing with the energy, I’ll cancel your spot and return your investment.

Let’s go!

Ok — enough chit chat — Let’s get started with your first phone call and see if Root to Rise is right for you!

Still feeling unsure?

Try-me-out in a Ground To Grow Accelerator, learn more about my story here or check out the FAQs!

Sophie G.

"I connected with Sheila at the beginning of my career pivot. I had been consulting for the past two years and was ready to make a change, but I wasn't sure how to move forward. Sheila guided me through a four-week meditation on what my next move might look like, including identifying core values and exploring how I could move forward deliberately and with confidence. I left our work together with a clearer picture of the kind of organization I'd like to contribute to, work-wise, and a more grounded sense of self and purpose."


How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Life coaching is an effective way to progress your life into one that feels aligned, empowered, and fulfilling. Coaching is designed to continually give power back to the client (you!), to cultivate more growth and self-understanding. If you find yourself feeling like you might not be doing what you really want to do, in your career, physical space, relationships, activities, etc., life coaching can help you gain clarity in your future and take actions toward transformation. Different coaches will have different approaches and niches, so clients have options of the type of coach they want to work with. I specifically focus on helping driven, free-spirited women to deepen awareness around their life purpose, change their coaching, manage grief & change, and improve their wellbeing. I incorporate mindfulness, visualizations, somatics, and action planning to help clients achieve their change. To learn more about if we are a good fit, sign up for a complementary 20 minute call.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy can be an amazing tool for working through past experiences, and with the right therapist you can create a beautiful space for healing and personal growth. On the other hand, life coaching is future-focused and progress oriented. Sessions will focus on where you are and where you want to go. Though we may touch on the past to gain more perspective and context, we will always be bringing it back to the present and the future. I will also support you with accountability tools and homework, because I know that many of the successes and the “a-ha”s actually occur outside of our time together.

Where are the coaching sessions held?

Most clients and I meet via video conferencing. I use a platform that allows us to meet in a private room and communicate in real time with clear video and sound. I send a meeting link prior to our scheduled appointment. Alternatively, we can meet via phone calls.

What can I expect to get out of coaching with Sheila Anne?

Depending on which program you are in (the one time Ground to Grow Accelerator or my signature Root to Rise program) the session will flow differently. As my Accelerator is a one time power session, you can expect more guidence from me to help you dig deep and achieve quick results. On the other hand, the Root to Rise program is a beautiful opportunity to organically explore, take action, transform, and sustain your results. Either way, since coaching is a client-driven experience, you are in the driver's seat. Put lots of effort into our session(s), and you will be rewarded exponentially! It’s my job (and passion) to support you with a safe space, coaching tools, and additional perspectives.