10 Questions To Help You Find What's Next In Your Life

Published February 25, 2021 by Sheila Anne Murray

Find what's next in life

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget where we are headed and why we’re headed in “that” direction. What happens as a result is that some days we awake wondering what the purpose of our life is, if we’re truly happy, and if we’re meant for more. More success, more impact, more inspiration, more opportunities.

Clients often find me because they are desiring more in their lives. They want more flow, more alignment, more happiness, more abundance (be it money, surprises, or fulfillment). Typically they haven’t had the opportunity in recent years to sit down and reflect on central questions that propel them forward into a life they truly love. This is especially true for high-achievers and perfectionists, as they are always pushing themselves toward the next level, and haven’t carved out the time to sit back and wonder.

If you’ve found your way to this article, it’s likely that you are looking for answers. I do hope that’s what you find. These questions are the ideal primer. More than that, in asking yourself these questions, I hope you find a renewed sense of self-awareness and confidence.

1. What do I love about myself & my current life? 

What lights you up and keeps you going throughout the day? Make a list of everything big and small - friendships, fitness outlets, rituals, projects that excite you - nothing is extraneous here!

2. What do I wish I could change about how I spend my time & energy?  

What makes you wish you were somewhere else or doing something else? Are you saying “yes” to social engagements you don’t actually love? Are you following a path that doesn’t feel aligned? When does your energy feel most drained? Be specific here about what you would change to get your time, energy, and self back!

3. What would I do if money didn’t matter? 

If you could follow any path you wanted, what would you choose to do? Ask this question to unblock your rational brain, even just for a moment, and really capture your passions and ideas.

4. What skill/superpower do I hope to leverage more in my future? 

Sometimes the job, relationship, or routine we’re in doesn’t allow us to flex all our muscles… perhaps you’re looking to showcase your creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, communication skills, love language, holistic perspective, etc. Consider what skill or superpower within you wants to be seen and utilized more!

5. What is keeping me stuck where I am? 

Real talk — in what ways are you letting yourself stay where you are? Is there a pattern in the story or “but” that keeps you from making a change? Be honest in considering this.

6. What excites me most about making a change?

Sure, making a change might sound good overall, but take a moment to consider why you are making a change and what might happen because of it.

7. What’s my ideal? 

Pick 1: Relationship, lifestyle, career. Then be as descriptive as possible describing the most ideal “day in the life,” if you could have things your way. Consider what an ideal schedule might look like in your career. Are you working alone or collaborating with a team? Think about what you would ideally be putting the most time and energy into in your “best life” and how you’re feeling on the day to day. If you chose “relationship”, what are you and your loved one doing together? How do you feel in the relationship? Pick specific words that highlight those feelings.

8. What are 3 changes that I can make on the day-to-day to get me closer to my goal? 

Change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s an evolution and an unfolding. What can you commit to daily that is aligned with your path? Make sure to note these down somewhere you can return to, and consider finding a friend or coach to hold you accountable.

9. Who are five people that can help me get to my next step? 

Who already knows your light, your superpowers, and wants to see you bloom and succeed? Make a list of the players that can help move you forward or offer counsel. Don’t just stick to your team or even your company; really expand your options here.

10. How committed am I to making change? 

You’ve spent countless hours considering what might be missing in your life, what your next steps are, and how you will get there… So are you ready to invest the time, energy, or resources that might be necessary to make it happen?

Reading through these questions is just the first step. Make sure you don’t just blast through! Reflect, write, and come back to your answers later to expand and and edit.

So, what’s next? How are you going to show up for yourself and commit to making change and curating the life you deserve?

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