Nourish: A Whole-Person Coaching Program

a whole-person coaching program
to cultivate well-being
foster community
and let your natural self


NOURISH is currently in session!

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Nourish whole person Coaching Program by Sheila Anne

Are you ...

SO OVER battling self doubt and your inner critic
TIRED of always hustling and never feeling like you’ll get to where you want to go
CRAVING unwavering confidence and decisive action
SEEKING for the self connection and self love you know you're capable of
EXCITED to find what's next in your relationships, lifestyle, and career path
READY to stop trying to do it all on your own, and find a supportive and inspiring community

What if ...

You were able to change the behaviors and beliefs blocking you from playing bigger and bolder in your life
There was a community waiting to support you, grow with you, and inspire you to be 100% yourself
You could feel present, in flow, and an inner glow in your daily life
You were confident in your unique power, because you understood exactly who you were and how to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Welcome home to you. Welcome home to NOURISH

NOURISH is a 14-week group coaching program for the driven woman who is ready to thrive in her body, mind, and soul. You can expect transformational coaching, immersive training, community connection, and get-out-of-your-comfort-zone experiences. This is unlike anything you’ve done before. This is what your next-level self has been waiting for.
This program is thoughtfully designed to help you achieve your goals from a place of alignment and abundance. The tools and learnings you acquire within the program are lifelong, whether you are chasing a new career dream, craving self confidence, or looking for “what’s next” after burnout or grief or big life changes.

The NOURISH transformation consists of three pillars: Body, Mind, Soul.

Launch Party 🍾

Body 🌼

Mind 🌼

Soul 🌼

Closing Celebration 🎉

Bi-weekly training & coaching calls will help you to hone-in, learn, practice, and transform. Between our calls you will be working through the NOURISH Notebook, integrating learnings, and connecting with the NOURISH community via our messaging platform. You’ll constantly be supported, held, and cheered on.
If you are an ambitious, adventurous woman who wants to be her own unique powerhouse, this program is for you!

The NOURISH Experience 🌼

2 Virtual Retreats

Including a kick-off party to build meaningful relationships, and a closing celebration to commemorate the incredible journey.

Bi - Weekly Calls

For intensive training and personalized support. Each call will have a specific focus, connected to that month’s theme. A blend of learning, coaching, and community conversation. Each call will be recorded so you can revisit it whenever you choose.

NOURISH Notebook

A digital journal chock-full of journaling prompts and exercises. Delivered in three parts along the NOURISH journey.


You will have constant access to your community (off social media) so that you can deepen your knowledge, ask questions, and share stories. Sheila will be in this community as well, available to answer questions and cheer you on always.

Monthly Meditations

A downloadable meditation related to Body, Mind, and Soul, that you can listen to wherever and whenever.


Obviously, ‘cause you deserve it!

I’m dedicated to helping you thrive

Hi. I'm Sheila.

I am a recovering overachiever / perfectionist and I know what it’s like to be so busy checking all the boxes, that you lose the magic of self-connection and empowered action. I created NOURISH because I believe that when we come home to ourselves, we can transform our lives.
I know that you want to feel present, alive, and fulfilled each day, and that’s what I wanted too! Through the tragic loss of my mother, pivoting my career (again and again) , leaving the corporate world, falling in love, and uprooting my life countless times, I’ve learned that our power and our adaptability don't exist in isolation. This program is truly a work of my soul, and I am beyond grateful to be able to share it with you.

NOURISH is for you if ...

  • You are the doing, planning, career-crushing friend that always tries to fill her life to the brim
  • You have big dreams but often get stuck in the “how” and “what if” stage
  • You appear confident but get stuck in loops of self doubt
  • You are certain that you have unique power to share with the world
  • You often wonder what your greater purpose is
  • You are not afraid to get messy, open up to community, for the sake of transformational growth and deep connection
  • You are excited by the idea of living with more flow and peace in life
  • You are in a season of healing, seeking, rediscovering, growing through grief, or craving deeper self connection
  • You will be committed to showing up, practicing learnings, working through the notebook, and supporting other women.

A deeper look at what you’ll learn:


Pause: Get to know how to build somatic awareness and mindfulness to transform your life, and how to disconnect from the constant need to “do” so you can commit to greater well-being
Play: Explore how you interact with the world, your career, your pleasure, your relationships


Inner Critic: Develop a clear sense of who the inner critic is, what they are triggered by, what they want, how to turn down the volume so that you can build resilience and take aligned action
Inner Mentor: Walk away with a killer resource to tune into when you need an extra boost of confidence, to get in touch with your authenticity, or make tough decisions


Purpose: Step into a deep knowing of how you can shine your light a killer mission statement, tools for unwavering self belief
Magnetize: Manifest the life you desire, switch from scarcity to abundance, explore with energy tools, and declare what you want to attract and be open to receiving it.



All trainings, retreats, curriculum, community, meditations, notebook, and support:
$1300 or 3 monthly payments of $450


For the woman ready to be intimately supported and expedite her transformational growth.
Everything included in NOURISH:
+ One 1:1 call/ month with Sheila
+ Private messaging with Sheila
$1700 or 3 monthly payments of $575
Sheila is committed to program accessibility, so please contact her for more information on customized payment options.

What people are saying about working with Sheila

“Working with Sheila is a gift that brings clarity, peace, and confidence. I was teetering on a big career decision and decided to work with Sheila to chart the path forward. She helped me to understand what was truly important to me, and to design my ideal life as an entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, and lifelong learner!” - Kristen
“With her help, I was able to root back into my authentic self, gain confidence and lead with my heart to leave that situation. That leap led me to move into a trailer, build my business, put my health above all else, and live a life that allows me to truly express myself.” - Taylor
“Sheila has helped me through major transitions in my life and helps tap into feelings of confidence and gratitude for where I’m at and where I’m going. She can see things that I’m not aware of and is truly invested in my growth and wellbeing both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a high achiever, I have high expectations and Sheila constantly exceeds them.” - Kirra
“Since working with Sheila I have made intentional changes in the way I run my business, interact with my family, and most importantly how I relate to myself. I am now able to extend the compassion and kindness that I previously only reserved for others to myself which has brought me satisfaction and joy in all areas of my life.” - Sarah


What if I miss a session?

We will miss having you but the calls are always recorded and will be available for you on-demand throughout the entirety of the program!

Will I get personal coaching from Sheila?

There will be an opportunity for you to receive individual coaching during our bi-weekly group sessions. If you desire a more personalized experience, I encourage you to invest in NOURISH VIP. Each month we will have one 60 minute session, and you will have unlimited access to Sheila via voice and text support.

How do I know if I’m ready for NOURISH?

If you read through and resonate with everything on this page - it’s likely that you are ready! Keep in mind that once you apply, we will hop on a call to confirm that it’s the right fit for you.Listen to your heart and see if this program is calling you.

What isn’t NOURISH?

NOURISH is not a replacement for mental health counseling

What is the timeline for NOURISH?

The program kicks off in mid-September 2021 and will run until mid-December 2021 (14 weeks)