Life Coaching & The Grove

Sheila Anne’s mission is to help her clients recognize their own superpowers, tap into their core purpose, and transform their life into one that feels aligned, balanced, and fulfilling.

Through life coaching you can expect a deep dive into what makes you, you. From there, I’ll assist you in learning to trust inner compass and maximize your strengths. Together, we’ll develop a clear vision for your future and design a personalized, actionable plan to achieve it!

At peace in the security of your own grove

The Grove

The Grove is my 1:1 coaching program, created to nourish your natural power & soul. Think of it as your new space to cultivate your dreams, to celebrate growth, to trim the weeds that don’t serve you, and to find freedom in your own thriving grove. It all begins with exploration…

How Does It Work?


Join Sheila here and share your story! Explore how coaching can help you achieve the life you envision.


Let's get to know you! Together, we'll discover your strengths, biggest desires for growth, and create a blueprint for the future.


Through ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions with Sheila, you will nurture your power, release limiting beliefs, and start to grow into your own.


Your world is changing, you’re standing tall in your power, and you're becoming the most bold & authentic version of you!

Let's get started!

Setup your free exploration call.

This 30-minute complimentary call is an opportunity to ask questions and learn how Sheila Anne can help you transform your life:


How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Life coaching is an effective way to progress your life into one that feels aligned, empowered, and fulfilling. Coaching is designed to continually give power back to the client, to cultivate more growth and self-understanding. If you find yourself feeling like you might not be doing what you really want to do, in your career, physical space, relationships, activities, etc., life coaching can help you gain clarity in your future and take actions toward transformation. Different coaches will have different approaches and niches, so clients have options of the type of coach they want to work with. I specifically focus on health & wellness, life purpose, career coaching, and managing grief & change. To learn more about if we are a good fit, sign up for a complimentary 30 minute call.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy can be an amazing tool for working through past experiences, and with the right therapist you can create a beautiful space for healing and personal growth. On the other hand, life coaching is future-focused and progress oriented. Sessions will focus on where you are and where you want to go. Though we may touch on the past to gain more perspective and context, we will always be bringing it back to the present and the future. I will also support you with accountability tools and homework, because I know that many of the successes and the “a-ha”s actually occur outside of our time together.

Where are the coaching sessions held?

Most clients and I meet via video conferencing. I use a platform that allows us to meet in a private room and communicate in real time with clear video and sound. I send a meeting link prior to our scheduled appointment. Alternatively, we can meet via phone calls.

What can I expect to get out of coaching with Sheila Anne?

Since life coaching is a client-driven experience, you are in the driver's seat. Put lots of effort into our sessions & into your life in between, and you will be rewarded exponentially! Each time we meet, you will come with something specific that you want to focus on (yes, it’s ok if the conversation organically takes a new direction if that’s what you want!) and it’s my job to support you with tools and additional perspectives. At the end we’ll decide together what actions you will be accountable for before our next session, so you are always moving forward toward your goals. Each time we meet we will celebrate any accomplishments, and you also may always share personal frustrations and questions.