Yoga & Inspirational Movement

Sheila Anne curates flows to empower others on their individual path and to create a platform for an hour of unapologetic self care and exploration. Sheila aims to help students develop a powerful toolkit they can take with them off the mat.

Yoga & Life Coaching

While growing in Sheila Anne’s 1:1 coaching program The Grove, you can expect that Sheila will draw in themes related to yoga. This means that you’ll experience a full-human approach — linking mind, body, and the universe, by experimenting with mindfulness, meditation, and intentional movement. All of this so that you can transform into the most empowered expression of you.

Intentional movement on the mat with Sheila Anne

Sheila’s Yoga Journey

Sheila initially picked up yoga as a cross training activity for other sports, and it evolved into a powerful tool for building inner strength, physical strength, and thoughtful self-study. Now, Sheila teaches yoga to empower others on their individual path, and to create a platform for an hour of unapologetic self-care and exploration. Her classes invite yogis to check in mentally, physically, and emotionally, and also to flex the muscles of mindfulness on and off the mat.

Sheila earned her 200 hour certification in yoga from South Boston Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts.

Past Teaching Spaces:

Sheila has also done a handful of one-off classes, including:

Start Flowing!

You don’t need to wait to take Sheila’s classes to start flowin’ — there are yoga-specific posts on the blog!